Go Green!
It's well documented how un-recycled plastic products have been harming our environment. Much of this waste gets dumped into our landfills or oceans. Plastic bags account for 10% of the debris washed up on our coastline. This debris photodegrades, and breaks down to smaller, more toxic petro polymers, which can contaminate soil and waterways. These polyethylene bags are oil based, and dependent upon foreign oil. The US and Canada are now slowly embracing the idea as many countries around the world have banned plastic bags; however, this movement has not yet hit the floor covering industry.

The majority of underlayments in the flooring industry contain these toxic, unrecyclable plastics, but not the Eco- line of Silencer™ products. The Eco-Silencer™ is made partly from recycled tires. It relies upon no plastic, plus every roll saves tire material from filling our landfills.

The inclusion of tire material in the Eco-Silencer™ helps our environment in several ways. It helps to reduce global warming, it helps to prevent health risks such as West Nile Virus, and it even serves to reduce waste management issues.

When tires are improperly disposed of, they are often burned. This has long been a problem for our environment because of the release of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Chlorophocarbon and carbon monoxide, which are produced from tire burning, increase atmospheric temperature, which is the essence of global warming itself.

By using tire material in the Eco-Silencer™, every tire that is not burned is that much less harmful gas released into our environment.

The Eco-Silencer™ even helps to reduce health risks such as malaria and West Nile Virus. Such diseases are carried by mosquitoes, and it's long been documented that mosquitoes breed in areas of warmth and moisture: two elements that tires present when sitting in our landfills.

Communities with limited or affordable waste management facilities are targets for illegal tire dumping. This unhealthy, trashy element contributes toward lowering standards of life attracting a downward spiraling whirlpool of problems such as lowering property values, unsightly public areas, potential gang and drug activity and a lower overall quality of life. But, the Eco-Silencer™ saves tires from illegal dumping. In fact, for every 7 rolls of Eco-Silencer™ produced, 1 tire is saved from being illegally dumped or disposed into a landfill.

While this product is not only a contributor to the planet's well being, it utilizes the unparalleled shock and noise properties of rubber tires to silence echoes and hollow sounds. The durable presence of tires won't allow the lighter density floor failures that may occur with plastic, lightweight underlayments in high traffic, low weight dispersion areas.

These durable high performance elements will not only help floors sound their finest, but last a lifetime. Most notably, the Eco-Silencer™ is 100% recyclable and we will even help in the recycling process.

There are underlayments that contribute to our planet's problems and there's Eco-Silencer™ – the planet's most perfect product.