Foam Products Line Of Carpet Cushions:

Dynathane Double-Stick
Commercial Carpet Cushion

Dynathane High Density Polyurethane
Commercial/Hospitality Carpet Cushion
Product DescriptionDynathane 175Dynathane 250
 100% High Density Frothed Polyurethane100% High Density Frothed Polyurethane
Thickness (+/- .020).175 inches (3/16”).250 inches (1/4”)
Density ( +/- 5% )16 lbs./cu.ft.16 lbs./cu.ft.
FacingNon-Woven FabricNon-Woven Fabric
Surface Moisture ResistanceYesYes
Recommended UseExtra Heavy Duty Commercial/HospitalityExtra Heavy Duty Commercial/Hospitality
Performance Data
Compression Resistance ASTM-D3676@65% 23 psi@65% 23 psi
Compression Set @50% ASTM-D367610% max.10% max.
Tensile Strength, PSIExceeds 100 lbs.Exceeds 100 lbs.
Flammability Tests
ASTM E-662 Smoke ChamberPasses, 110 max.Passes, 100 max.
DOC FF 1-70 Pill TestPassesPasses
ASTM E-648 Radiant PanelN/AN/A

  • Environmentally Safe – Exceeds EPA carpet VOC emissions requirements
  • Non-Allergenic / Odorless
  • Contains Zero (0) Formaldehyde, Stryene, BHT (Butylated Hydroxy Toluene), 4 PC (Phenylcyclohexene)
  • NEW FRESH® Antimicrobial treated cushion to resist mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Increases life of the carpet by up to 60%
  • Reduces noise levels and fatigue (stress on legs and back)
  • Insulation from cold floors
  • Suitable for use with radiant heat flooring systems
  • Warranted for the normal service life of the original carpet.