Dynathane High Density Polyurethane Commercial/Hospitality Carpet Cushion

Commercial/Hospitality Carpet Cushion 100% Premium High Density Polyurethane
Use for Double Glue or stretch-in installations

  • Environmentally safe - Exceeds EPA carpet VOC emissions requirements
  • Contains no Formaldehyde, Stryene, BHT( Butylated Hydroxy Toluene), 4 PC ( Phenylcyclohexene )
  • Non – Allergenic / Odorless
  • NEW FRESH® antimicrobial treatment resists mold, mildew, and bacteria
  • Contributes to LEEDS project certification
  • Reduces noise levels and fatique ( stress on legs and back )
  • Insulation from cold floors
  • Suitable for use with radiant heat flooring systems
  • Excellent resiliency, provides longer carpet life and appearance retention
  • Guaranteed performance

Installation & Adhesives 
Consult the carpet manufacturer's installation specialists for specific instructions based on the carpet chosen. Pressure sensitive adhesives can be used between cushion and floor for easier removal. Use a notched trowel size of 1/16" width x 1/16" depth x 1/16" spacing to insure evenness of the adhesive. Non pressure sensitive adhesives can be used; however, removal of cushion will be more difficult. A premium quality adhesive should be used between the carpet and cushion. Use a minimum notched trowel size of 1/8" width x 1/8" depth x 1/16" spacing. It is important to apply enough adhesive to fill the recesses in the carpet backing and create a 100% area bond between the carpet and cushion. Foam Products Corporation does not recommend any specific adhesive manufacturer. Consult the adhesive manufacturer of your choice for their warranties, installation instructions and recommended products for polyurethane carpet cushion.

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